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Types of UK insurance we can provide quotes on:

Term Life Insurance – if you are looking to provide loved ones / dependants in the event of your death then life insurance is definitely a product to consider. With payment upon death this can be used to pay off a mortgage or any outstanding finances. Ultimate peace of mind for anyone looking to sure that loved ones will be looked after in their absence.

Mortgage Life Insurance – for capital and repayment mortgages this is also known as decreasing term insurance. Premiums are paid to cover the mortgage amount, gradually decreasing over time in line as the mortgage balance decreases.

Critical Illness Cover - whilst life insurance covers in the case of death, there are many illnesses / conditions today that can limit you ability to work and therefore earn money. Long term care benefits may even be needed. This type of insurance covers you in the event of serious illness diagnosis and pays out a lump sum.

About our service

Obtaining a quote, then taking out a policy with friendly insurance could not be easier:

Simply fill in an application form with your basic details, submit and the first step is done. We'll then give you a call, have a chat to discuss your needs.

Then after finding out exactly what you are looking for we'll search the marketplace to find you the most competitive quotes.

And, thirdly, if you want to go ahead we'll send you an application form to fill in, on hand all the while to answer any questions you may have. We then submit the form and its done!

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Choosing our services
Independence - we choose from a range of companies to select the most competitive quote for you
Quick Service - rapid response to your enquiry, we contact you within 24hrs
Saves You Time - we compare quotes from a range of companies, so no need for you to 'shop around'
No Fuss - hassle free service, we do all the work for you