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About Us:

We are independent life and general insurance brokers for the United Kingdom. Our independent status (not tied to provide the products of any one company) means that we are free to search the market for the best deal to suit your circumstances. We deal with the most reputable insurers in the United Kingdom so you can be sure that we find only the best assurance products for you.

Why not send us an email today with your requirements and contact details. We will then get back to you in a timely manner, have a friendly chat and answer any questions you may have.

Insurance Websites of note:

General Insurance Standards Council
The GISC is a UK watchdog that monitors insurance standards providing a range of advice and information on their website.

The Financial Service Authority
Helping retail consumers find a fair deal in financial markets upkeeping standards, monitoring companies and enforcing regulation for the United Kingdom financial markets

Independence - we choose from a range of companies to select the most competitive quote for you
Quick Service - rapid response to your enquiry, we contact you within 24hrs
Saves You Time - we compare quotes from a range of companies, so no need for you to 'shop around'
No Fuss - hassle free service, we do all the work for you